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Welcome to the Lady of the Rings' website!

If you hear "chainmail", you'll probably think "armor" or "war" . What if you thought "jewellery" and "beauty" ? Is it that wierd?

People who could create nets of mails so tight and perfect that arrows couldn't pass through, wouldn't they also use this technique to adorn themselves in a very elegant way ?
The jewels we display on this site are viking-inspired. But you could as well find the same models and patterns in other traditions and under different names. Archaeology hasn't proven the existence of all these patterns in the viking period, but this technology is certified. This jewellery is entirely hand-made, without solder, in noble material, to guarantee the originality and quality of a handicraft product.

Let yourself be seduced, and discover a different kind of chainmail !

As far as the braidings are concerned, archaeological research has proven their existence in the viking world. These pieces' fittings are soldered.

The chains displayed are available in different variants. The thickness of the silver wire can be chosen for some patterns. The desired length must be specified whether it's for a bracelet or a necklace and matching earrings can be created on request. Likewise, we take into consideration your proposals for custom-made jewellery, with for example silver or semi-precious stone beads, or stone pendants.

So far, we only offer 925 silver for the chains on the catalogue; however, if you wish to have a jewel made in another metal, please contact us directly and we'll talk about it. Bronze is also available for chains, and the next version of our website will offer it on catalogue. Inbetween, please send us a message via the contact form to order a bronze chain.

Speaking of the new version, the project is very close to its completion and should be online in the first half of 2020. In the mean time, this site won't be reupdated. Stay tuned for some exciting news !



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