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General Conditions of Sale

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The Lady of the Rings' business is about creating and selling handcrafted jewellery.


All our prices are automatically calculated and rounded to the nearest 5 centimes from the production cost. We keep the right to modify prices without notice, to follow the price increase of metals, or the cost of living, ...

For the prices marked in foreign currencies, the exchange rate is reevaluated regularly, and slight differences can occur with the daily exchange rate. The prices mentioned on the products' More infos are rounded and fixed. The actual price will always be the one indicated on the order form.

We inform you that when you submit a custom order for the creation of a jewel, we will send you a +/- 20% quote. If unexpected difficulties should occur during the creation of your order, an extra amount exceeding the aforementioned 20% might be asked, but never without an e-mail informing you of the situation. This is in order not to abuse your trust.

The price of your order depends on three factors : the price of the jewel, the shipping costs and the payment taxes.

Foreign taxes

It is likely, upon the delivery of your order and according to the country you live in, that a customs tax is charged (VAT, sales tax, etc..) in addition to the shipping costs that are invoiced by our services. These expenses are fully to be supported by the recipient.

Delivery conditions

The Lady of the Rings promises to process your order within two weeks after validation, from Monday till Friday, except in the case of a custom order or during vacation. The Lady of the Rings cannot be held responsible for the delayed delivery time due to postal strike, unusual slowness or loss at one of its services providers.

Delivery times

The delivery times, as soon as your order is completed, are as follows :

Priority shipping : 2 to 3 days* in Switzerland
Priority shipping : 3 to 7 jours* in Europe
Priority shipping : 4 to 14 jours* for other countries
Holiday : + 1 day
(*working days)

List of countries and regions in the European zone

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great-Britain, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Isle of Man, Moldavia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs depend on the price and weight of the jewel as well as the delivery zone. All orders are shipped as recorded with an insurance. Please note that the recorded letter type delivery can only be tracked on Swiss territory so far. If you wish to be able to track your order all the way until your place, you will have to notify it and choose to have it shipped as parcel. This option can be quite expensive and we do not offer it automatically.

Grouped orders

If you submit an order for more than one jewel at a time, to be delivered at the same address, please wait for our confirmation message with the calculation of the grouped shipping costs before sending our your payment. Please note that our order form has no cart, so you will have to fill in a form for each jewel.

Partial delivery

We do not offer partial delivery, except for emergency cases. To benefit from this type of shipping, we require you to send us an explanation e-mail. And we hold the right not to answer it.

Payment methods

The Lady of the Rings gives you the possibility to use one of the two following methods of payment to settle your order.

Paypal (international)
We have now a Paypal account to use for all your jewellery orders. If you choose this option, you will receive a Paypal invoice on your e-mail address as soon as we have verified your order. The execution of your order will only start when Paypal has validated your payment. If you order an in-stock piece, please pay within a week (7 days). We will not keep a booked item longer than that without valid reason. Money order to be sent to:
artist (at) theladyoftherings (dot) com (in the traditional e-mail address format).
This payment method will cost you 3.9% + 0.55 CHF.

Payment in advance, money transfer (international) :
For this method, you have to go to your bank or use the e-banking payment, and ask to transfer the amount of your order to our bank account. The execution of your order will only start when the bank has validated your payment. If you order an in-stock piece, please pay within a week (7 days). We will not keep a booked item longer than that without valid reason. The potential bank taxes are to be paid by the customer only.
Bank Information will be communicated to our customers in the order validation e-mail..


We only deliver new products, created in our workshop based in Switzerland, and carefully checked before shipping them out to our customers.

Products refusal and/or return

In case of an unjustified refusal of the products delivered by our services, we will have to invoice the costs caused to us to the sender integrally.

In addition, 50% of the order's value will be invoiced for any abuse.

Every product return (unpacked or not) without authorization will be redirected to its sender or simply refused. You will have to get a return agreement from us via e-mail before sending back any wares. Any abuse will be invoiced for 50% of the order's value.

Please note that all the photos on this website are not fully contractual. They are published as information and slight differences may occur. Any product refusal for not being the exact copy of the picture will not be accepted if the product corresponds to the published description.

If a product is defective, it can be repaired in our workshop. You must inform us via e-mail and get an authorization for the product's return.


We do not sell nor rent nor give any of your personal information to other persons or societies for marketing purposes without your explicit and formal consent. We will use your personal data solely in the scope of our internet shop. To our eyes, respect of the privacy is a very important principle. We store and process your data in computers based in Switzerland and protected with physical and technological security methods.


Our offer does not commit us to sell . We have to hold the rights of delivery, mistake and sale.

Juridiction compétente

Our business is based solely on the Swiss Law.

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