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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q : Could you sell me some meters of silver wire?

A : The Lady of the Rings does not resell semi-finished products, we only sell our creations.

Q : Why would I buy a jewel at The Lady of the Rings'?

A : The choice is yours, but when you purchase a jewel at our store, you have the guarantee to buy a 100% European product, crafted entirely in Switzerland with great care. You help maintain local crafts. In return, you have the advantages of an original jewel, not mass-produced in some delocalized production line. You save money on transportation, customs and resellers taxes. Moreover, you can have direct contact with the craftswoman and you know who you're sending money to!

Q : Do you guarantee the metal quality of your jewels?

A : We are registered at the Swiss office for precious metals and are allowed to use a master's stamp. You will find this unique signature on each metal jewel we sell. In addition, each stering silver also bears the legal 925 stamp. The 18K custom gold jewels bear the legal 750 stamp.

Q : Where can we meet you?

A : Our workshop is located in the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, so if you live near us, just drop us a line and we'll arrange a meeting. During the year, we usually go to some viking markets and festivals, so if you happen to be in the same region at the same time, this would be a good opportunity to meet. We do not have any other physical store than this website.

Q : Could you make a copy of this piece for me?

A : If the jewel you wish is in another jeweller's catalogue, that probably means that they can mass-produce it. We have no interest in recreating what others offer in series, because the work it demands will be considerably bigger and more expensive to reproduce a sole piece than to order it directly at its original creator's. In addition, that would infringe the copyright laws and we do not wish to go that way.

Q : How do I place an order with grouped shipping?

A : Our online shop can't handle grouped shipping at the time. The grouping is done manually on our end. Please simply place an order for each article you would like to buy, and indicate in one of the "comment" zones that you would like to grouped shippings. We will quickly send you a global invoice with grouped shipping for all your articles.

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