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The jewels displayed here are custom orders or ones-of-a-kind already created for our customers or ourselves, and are thus not for sale or to be remade as they are. This gallery offers you a glimpse of what we can create on your personal order.

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A 925 silver viking style cat pendant, own design

Viking Cat amulet

925 silver historic baldric mounts for a sword scabbard

Ballateare viking baldric mounts

925 silver mounts for a knife sheath (leatherware by Julien Vuagniaux)

viking knife sheath mounts

A bronze runic locket for a couple

Runic love locket

A viking silver grooming set, with tweezers and earspoon

viking tweezers and Birka earspoon

Viking bronze belt buckle and fitting, IXth century

viking belt buckle and tip

Celtic Boar, smaller recreation of a find from Bibracte, La Tène culture

Bibracte celtic boar

Solar wheel, bronze viking pendant

solar wheel viking symbol jewel

18K gold nugget

gold nugget pendant

18K gold structured pendant

gold drops pendant

18K gold wedding rings

SV wedding rings

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